Family Portrait

Last month, me and my husband celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and he asked me on what I wanted for that special day. I told him that I’d like to have our family photo taken. Knowing that he cringes by the thought of it, I was glad that he agreed to my request. I told him that it is quite symbolic because in our 3rd year, we’re now 3.

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always loved photographs. To me, they are living proof of memories that we now cherish at present. It somehow is a time machine. It is a visual reminder that those things actually happened and that we can never take them back. We only have them in print to reminisce.

Being a kikay mommy that I am, I wanted to have”pinterest-worthy” photos and the person I know who could help me achieve that would be Jeff. It took time for me to make this blog because I had the hardest time in deciding on what to post. Everything was captured beautifully by Jeff of Saltandbleachit.

Pompom shorts, tutu skirts and feather bando by Sugarkissed.

Styling by yours truly.

1st Location: Tarsier Botanika, Panglao, Bohol

aThe Gonzales Family 2015-10bcdfgh

2nd Location: Panglao Bluewater Beach Resortijmk

We had the most awesome time shooting because we were so comfortable with him. Jeff takes photos without the need to pose and would capture candid moments that would definitely make your heart melt. ❤

For styling needs, feel free to contact me and let’s achieve your future memories. 😉

Till next!


Mommy Ria


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