Margaux Anne’s Pink Ombre and Gold First Birthday

When Ate Ann told me that she’s going to hire me for her daughter’s first birthday, I got so excited because that means I’m going to be able to prove myself on another task again.

Ate Ann specifically told me her budget and “Ikaw na ang bahala” were her words. At first thought I said to myself, “Wow, that would be great!” but later on I realized, “Oh no! What to do??”. There were so many ideas out there and being an indecisive person that I am, it would really be hard for me to decide on what to bring in the table.. especially now that I’m the person being relied on for another baby girl’s first birthday. It seems really simple right? But it’s actually a scary thing. You have to think about if the guests would appreciate what you’re going to put up there and that their feedback would greatly affect your future market (Yes, I’m also looking into that aspect).

Since the party still falls on the holiday season (December 27), I thought it would only be fitting to have a pink party with gold accent (Did I tell you how fan I am of the color gold? It makes everything look catchy and fabulous) but for it not to be a bore, I decided to make it in pink ombre and gold.

The idea seems uncomplicated but since I’m located here in Bohol, I must say it’s really difficult to find stuff around (especially in gold!). With determination and a little OC-ness, I found some materials in our little city that I could use. So enough talk now, here are the photos taken from my ever reliable iPhone (Ha! I’m mocking myself. Lol! I really wished I had a better camera to take great photos than just my phone. It sucks, really. Hopefully I can work on getting a camera come 2015 to document my work):

Work in progress

Trivia: The gold pompoms were hand made. The material was freaking sensitive, it easily tears! So we had to carefully peel off each page to avoid further damages. 

Got a visitor while working 🙂

Did I mention that it was overly windy that day? It did not reflect on the photos but gosh, it took us an hour to put up the stand and the curtain with the rod as backdrop before actually starting to decorate. Plus the uneven floor (High to low from left to right) was also a plus on the challenge. Finally, here’s the output:


Closer look:

3See those hanging cheerleader-like pompoms? It took us almost an entire day to meticulously cut the crepe papers and measure them so they’d be close to the same size, roll, then place tapes to be ready for hanging on this day. As for the big M initial in the middle, our house was full of gold and pink dust for days because they’re just quite difficult to shove away. Hahaha! But we had fun on making that one. Here’s the TEAM behind this work:

Top photo: Jeza, Me with Rhiandra and Jen Bottom photo: Jen, Rhinna and Jeza with Rhiandra

Many thanks to these ladies who helped me made my ideas come to life 🙂

Happy Birthday, Margaux! 🙂

and thanks to you, for taking the time in reading this blog. I’m hoping that I could inspire more people to DIY (do-it-yourself) but if not, you can simply shoot me an email or txt and we’ll talk about your stress-and-worry-free event/s in the future 🙂

Till my next adventure!

Mommy Ria


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