Elaine’s Pastel Candyland First Birthday

Hey everyone! Got so caught up with the holiday prep after this huge event that I only had the time to finally blog about it now. It’s just that I got so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start, what to say or how I’m going to summarize everything that won’t make my readers get bored (that’s you, of course!).

First of all, I would like to thank mommy Tash for fully entrusting me her daughter’s first birthday to a “first timer-less experienced-diy mommy” like me. Just so you know, a baby’s first birthday is quite a big deal in our culture so having been entrusted by someone’s baby’s birthday is an enormous deal for me.

Mommy Tash with Baby Elle

Now moving on to what you’ve all been waiting for, here are the details of Maria Elaine’s birthday:


The fence and the stage were made just for this big event. All the paper rosettes were hand-made. Elaine’s name and the cupcake styro decorations were made from Cebu and were flewn by the celebrant’s lolo via a private plane (during the typhoon Ruby). That’s how special Elaine is! 🙂

It was the first time for me to make balloon pillars (and balloon arc – not on photo).. and my my! It was really hard! I realized that I still have a lot of things to learn about balloons and hopefully through time and experience, I’ll be able to perfect this skill. But just a little info, I’m not really a fan of balloons (a few won’t hurt though). I think they make a party more festive but having too much would make it too traditional. My goal for Dainty Love is to create parties that are unique, special and most of all, personalized.

Cupcakes are love ❤

Talk about personalization, here’s Elaine’s chair dressed in rainbow tutu and her number 1 stage centerpiece.

High Chair Tutu c/o Mommy Tash | Floral 1 Stage Backdrop (DIY)

..and how cute are these candy paper lanterns that lined the top part of the stage fence? 🙂

Top: Candy Paper Lanterns | Bottom: Dessert Buffet Backdrop
Dessert buffet and area for gifts
Cake by Charmaine Dumadag-Usares
Dessert buffet details
Pretty cupcakes by Frostings (by Shoebel)
Pretty cupcakes by Frostings (by Shoebel)

I almost forgot about the paper pompoms here. They’re also made from scratch. The total number of pompoms used in this party was 85. A few were bought, but the rest were hand made. Notice the flying balloons that looked like ice cream? They look delish!

Centerpiece for the guests

What is a candyland party without candies? The kiddie tables’ centerpiece is of course a mini candy machine with colorful bubble gums (how yummy!) and check out the cutlery arrangement wrapped in paper doily. Color coordinated for boys (blue) and girls (pink).

Kiddie Table Set-up

Party favors are a must for birthday parties. See how these actually complement her theme. More mini candy machines for the little guests to take home and how sweet is their name tags? Necklaces made out of fruit loops, arranged in rainbow colors 🙂

L: Party Favors | R: Fruit Loops Kiddie Name Tags

An outdoor party like this wouldn’t be complete without a huge inflatable for kids to jump around.

Courtesy of Sparkles

Looks like the birthday girl had so much fun on her big day!

Happy Birthday, Elaine! 🙂

This party was a “make-or-break-it” for me. Imagine, it’s the very first event I’ve done and it’s not just any other party, it’s a HUGE one. As an aspiring mommypreneur who only wishes to share my ideas to other moms, I’m just glad I made it with the coordination of mommy Tash and my “team”. All the effort and hard work were put together and acknowledged. Now I’m more confident in working next time. You see, everything is a first for me in this new venture. That’s what makes it challenging every. single. time.

*All photos were taken by the amazing Nog Bernido.

Till my next adventure!

Mommy Ria


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