Styling Assignment: Kiddie Corner

Last Thursday (November 20), a close family friend (practically relatives!) went home to spend her birthday here with us in Bohol and we went swimming with my little doll to the hotel where she’s staying. Then I got a call from my husband who sounded quite frantic because he said his new office’s kiddie corner needs to be done by that day. I knew I was going to help him set that up but I didn’t realize that it’s going to be THAT urgent. We only had a few hours because it should be ready by the next day for Toyota Tagbilaran’s Inauguration so right after our late lunch at the hotel, I headed straight to his office.

We shopped around the city and find what we could use. We only had a specific amount of money allotted for the project so we just had to think fast and come up with a presentable set up, one that can be used by both boys and girls and of course it should be something in which kids would actually enjoy when visiting. So here’s the final output.

Basketball stand, small pool with colorful balls and hoola hoops 🙂
Kiddie table set up: Coloring books and crayons, write and erase toy. On the chairs: Hard bound short story books for kids to enjoy reading.
Here’s myself with the final output 🙂

I would like to thank the staff of Toyota Tagbilaran for helping me out. This would not have been made possible in just a few hours without extra set of hands to help me set this up. Till my next styling adventure!


Mommy Ria


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