Mama’s 60th

They say turning 50 is golden but I thought, 60 is more fun for various reasons. Firstly and most essentially, you get to have your Senior Citizen ID/Card which entitles you to 20% with almost anything! Movies, fares, and FOOD! 😀 Just imagine how much you can save by having that card in your hands. Another reason is that here in our province (Bohol), our beloved mayor have this program to give out a birthday cake and a cheque of P500 to every person who turns 60. Ain’t that nice?

So now that Mama’s 60, I came up with a thought of giving her a surprise. A party would be too much, but since I’m still new in this field.. I wanted to try if I can actually put up a dessert buffet for her. With the help of my Ate Rizza (who was in charge of the funds), younger sister, Rhirhi’s yaya (Jeza) and her sister (Jen) for extra hands, it was made possible.

Jeza gave me an idea to make the surprise early in the morning since it would be very difficult to keep her out of the house within the day. It was the best idea so when she wakes up, she’ll come out of the room and we’ll all shout aloud, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” (..and so we thought. That was how I pictured it out hahaha! You’ll know why later). The night before her birthday, I came to a realization on how tiresome this will be.. Well guess what? We only had 2 hours of sleep not because of setting up, but because I tried to make cake pops for the first time (yeah, what a great time to decide on doing this). We spent 3 hours on the cake pops. I really wish I took photos so I could share it with you. I’ll try to make another one and blog about it.

Anyways, here’s the fruit of our labor:

L: From afar, R: Up close


My experimental cake pops 😀
Got the idea? Emphasizing on ‘Sucks’ coz we actually suck on lollipops when we eat them, right? 🙂 Cornix! Hahahah!
R: Plain cake pops and mallow pops L: Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting by Frostings

Now let me share a bit of a story behind how this cake came to be. I specifically wanted a quilted red base and a second layer which is made of the 60 red candle topper. Supposedly, the flowers should have been white roses instead of these but I had no choice.. There were only red roses left in our flower market at that time. When I placed the red candles on top of the cake, I realized that white would’ve looked better with it but I can’t change it anymore because it was already 8pm when we picked up the cake and cupcakes from Maam Shoebel of Frostings. Now I understand why careful and imaginative planning is clearly important when setting up a dessert buffet. Going back to the cake, I think it’s not bad as how I imagined it to be 🙂

Moist Chocolate Cake by Frostings

Now, for the big surprise! Since we spent all night preparing for this, we slept at almost 2am.. Mama woke up at 4am and SURPRISE!!! We were sleeping in the sala just to make sure we can wake up early but our alarm clocks failed us badly… We didn’t get to wake up first before her. We were the ones who got surprised! Hahhaha 🙂 but seeing Mama’s face, was all worth the headache, the secret sign languages and the putting up of ideas just to make this work. Here’s her photo:

Mama’s priceless smile 🙂
Papa helping out to light her 60 candles 🙂
Make a wish, ma!

Oh, did I say that we manually puffed the balloons? Yes, all 32 of them 🙂 All for the love of our dearest Mama.

So what can you say? Give me a feedback. I’d love to hear it.


Mommy Ria


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